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Name: DBZ Team Training
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Z-Max


You need to find the seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Here is their location:
  1. In the truck, in the port of RR Base.(You can enter by surfing)
  2. Behind a rock on an islet(route 20).
  3. In Mt.Moon, when you beat the trainer at the end. (before the exit of the cave)
  4. On the Indigo Plateau, just before the center.
  5. In Capsule Corporation, after defeating Pilaf.
  6. On route 10, hidden near a tree. There is a row of trees, the ball is upwards.
  7. On route 8, in a corner (to the north), over the rock tunnel.
When you get them all, go to Makyo Town and talk to the old man near the tower so you can summon Shenron.


  • There are 160 attacks including 130 new attacks (techniques from DBZ) with new animations
  • New maps
  • New overworld sprites
  • Many items were added like capsules, senzu, etc





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