Alder of the Unova Elite Four

Akuma's good twin

They both have similar red hair, tan skin, and wear ragged pants with sandals and a necklace of oversized balls. Except Akuma dresses in black, and Alder in white. And a poncho really isn't anything like a karate gi, so there's that. Just an interesting design coincidence, I think.

I like Alder a lot, though. Like Akuma, he's wild. He's a traveler, a pilgrim, a wanderer. Going from town to town, healing the hearts and Pokemon of everyone he meets. Also he's got an actual backstory, going along with the Gen 5 theme of attempting to flesh out the NPCs a little more - he used to be blindly chasing power, but then his Starter died and he had to reconsider his entire life-view.

With all that said, I think his two-tone hair is stupid and too large. There, I said it.

Overall: 8/10

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