Clemont of Lumiose City

Anyone else play Pajama Sam - Thunder & Lightning Aren't So Frightening? no? just me?

Clemont here is one of those Dexter-style genius little boys. He also might be channeling a little Doc Ock with those mechanical arms there.

I just want to say that I have always found the "spindly little arm with oversized thing on the end" mechanics very cartoonish and I can't take them seriously, or think they look cool. So he's actually losing points with me, for having a goddamn weather forecast going on behind him. Because that's what those are supposed to be, right? a hand in the shape of a cloud, and a... radar laser dish in the shape of a sun? combine that with his sky-blue jumpsuit, and he's all set to step up in front of Channel 5 and tell me it's gonna be cloudy with a chance of butt tomorrow.

Also, those glasses make him look even goofier. I don't know, Pokemon is a pretty goofy universe to live in, but this kid is almost too much.

His badge is kinda cool, but it looks mad fragile. I'd be afraid of breaking off the lightray bits.

Overall: 3/10

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