Grant of Cyllage City

It took forever to reach this guy. What was up with the pacing in XY, anyway?

this dude has candy stuck in his hair. That's the only thing I can think of. I know they thought it would be a rock climbing reference, but holy shit it just looks like he laid his head down on some sticky candies and got them stuck up there, and hasn't figured it out yet. It's something a Rugrats character would do.

That aside, he's got a gigantic bike clip hanging from his neck. Shouldn't that be, you know, clipped to something? is that part of rock climbing? do you tie a rope around your neck and then clip it to the mountain? that seems unsafe. But so does the very idea of rock climbing, so what do I know.

I do know that Grant is another leader who looks like a basic trainer. He's not even giving a damn about the battle, he's busy climbing. c'mon, man. At least act like you care!

The badge is pretty plain, and reminds me of modern art. It could just as easily stand for wood, as for stone. In the end, while I don't feel great hatred for him, there's not a single thing I actually like about Grant. Really felt like a let-down after waiting so long for that second gym.

Overall: 1/10

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