Korrina of Shalour City

Not to be confused with a similarly-named Avatar.

I like roller-blades, as a design. I find them impossible to handle in real life, and the people who wear them insufferable, but in the world of fiction they're always cool. Jet Set Radio represent, yo.

Also, kudos to Korrina for not only wearing a helmet, but managing to make it look cool (another impossibility in the real world. Everyone looks dorky in a helmet. Even Tony Hawk looked like a goober) Her hair spilling out of those holes helmets always seem to have in them is a nice touch.

It's also sort of nice to have a Fighting gym leader who wasn't straight up martial arts-oriented. Not all Fire leaders are firefighters or arsonists, and not all Ice leaders are... whatever ice-related professions there are. Ice Sculptor? Eskimo? In any case, she's athletic and spunky and that still conveys the idea of what Fighting types are all about. Her coloring suggests it too, for some reason - even before we knew her gym, I saw the artwork and thought "Fighting specialist."
The badge is a little odd, though - is that shadow? it's going the wrong way. A fist bump? they seem to be missing by several feet. An enemy fist? m-maybe?? I'd have liked it more if it were just the simple, single classic boxing glove.

Overall: 7/10

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