Ramos of Coumarine City

Kill la Kill this ain't

Seriously tho, what's up with those scissors. It looks like he had regular ones, but then put gigantic handles on the ends - while still maintaining the original handles. I don't think you can use them now, except as novelty garden sheers. Though perhaps that's the point. Oh, and he has a holster for his scissors, because of freaking course he does.

He also appears to have tendrils coming out of his chin, because I'm pretty damn sure that isn't hair. it's the same exact color as his skin, and there's no line break or anything - he's just got face-feelers. Mandibles, perhaps? Antennae?

Other than that he's a little old gardener man, with a nice little badge. This badge is actually probably my favorite thing about him - I don't think he's particularly cool, like some of the other old man badasses we've seen. He's just pleased as punch to be in a video game, bless his little heart. But I've never been one to respect my elders.

Overall: 3/10

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