Valerie of Laverre City

I really loved the routes leading up to, and the city itself. One of my favorite areas in any Pokemon game.

Valerie is goddamn hilarious and I love her. This girl is the type to lose track of the conversation because she was admiring her own damn badge, and even forgets the TM she gives you. She also outright states her wish to be a Pokemon. It's just - this person should not be running a gym, much less be out of a mental institute. But she is, and is also a fashion designer, and that's wonderful.

I do worry about her statement "what's so different between humans and Pokemon?", because that shows maybe a deeper problem. There's a lot different - for one thing, humans can say more than their name, don't evolve suddenly, and (for the most part) cannot shoot fire or fly. Not being able to see these differences suggests that she is deeply mentally troubled or, perhaps, Valerie can indeed shoot fire and fly, has evolved, and can only speak her name. It's just that her name happens to be the sum total of all words you hear her speak, and it's only sheer coincidence that it resembles semi-coherent speech.

Her badge resembles her dress, and it's a nice dress. A cool fusion of western and eastern styles. I also like her big, bug-like eyes. You know, I'm getting more and more thinking she might actually be a Pokemon...

Overall: 7/10

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