Viola of Santalune City

Another Bug gym leader? And actually a girl this time?

Viola is an early-game gym leader, so that excuses this slightly, but she really doesn't look like the leader of anything. "Photographer Viola" is what I'd expect to see when I battle her.

That aside, it's a nice enough design. I feel like that little band of midriff is what really sells it, though that could just be personal preference coming to the foreground. But hell, this whole site is built on the fundamental principle of personal preference! So I'll say what I like.

You might have noticed I skipped the badges in the last gen's gyms. That's because they were all awful and I didn't care for any of them. I hate that vertical style. the Kalos badges are a little more... uneven in style, as opposed to the "will fit nicely inside a square" pattern the early regions used, but they're at least worth mentioning. This one is a beetle. It's green and brown, and is a nice non-fruitcake substitute for that ladybug-ass badge Bugsy was giving away.

Viola still needs a little more to look like a "leader", though.

Overall: 4/10

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