Diantha of the Kalos Elite Four

The final Champion! At least until Gamefreak makes more...

Whereas Cynthia wore all black, Diantha classes it up in all white. Looking like something out of Girls Generation, except with some sort of... cloud? behind her? Or are those supposed to be wings?

She's got cute hair, I like how it looks like Don Patch.

Wish there was more that I could say, but that's about the extent of my opinions on Diantha. I don't think she's badass like the rest of the Champions, though that's not to say she looks bad, just... more casual? More relaxed about it? Bue was wearing the Frat Boy Standard, but he looked like he meant business. Diantha seems like she takes her movie star job first, and being Champion comes second.

but seriously what are those wingaling things, Shauntal had something like this too, what's the dilly

Overall: 7/10

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