Drasna of the Kalos Elite Four

ara ara~

Further proving that dragons are for everyone - from salty sea-dogs to pretty princesses to edgy teens - comes Drasna, who looks like your friend's mom who always had ice cream when you came over to play.

I like the motif they went with for her - all the fangs and claws and shit are cool, and definitely make me think "dragon". They're just regular jewelry, except freaking huge (her ears should be on the floor with that kind of weight), but her face is just as pleasant. As if for her, wearing the literal teeth of a Garchomp is just regular business. It's a neat juxtaposition.

Drasna is right on the edge, where any more and she'd lose that housewife style, but any less and she would look like one of the Village Elders who Ash meets in a movie and they tell him he has to participate in some stupid-ass festival and of course he wins the festival and turns out to be the destined hero of the whatever and has to make friends with the local rampaging legendary pokemon. You know, the plot of every single fikkin' Pokemon movie, except the one where Mewtwo just wanted to start shit for no good reason. And the one about the goat.

That one was weird.

Overall: 8/10

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