Hoenn Redux Roundup Part 1

Astute readers will know that while I was dicking around, updating like 5 times a month, a new Pokemon game came out. Or rather, a new remake. Which means, new gym leader designs! I entertained all the stylings of the Kanto and Johto leaders, so now it's Hoenn's turn. We'll do them in batches to make it go quicker.


Much improved. Her thighs no longer immediately make one think of tree trunks, and her overall look suggests character and motion. Also - her dress is grey, with a block pattern on the hem. It's not a lot, but it at least attempts to tie into her Rock theme more than before. Overall still forgettable, though.

Overall: 4/10


Again an improvement. The orange is toned down in favor of black, he got a tan, and is actually wearing things that might be associated with surfing (that swimshirt, the feety-shoes, goggles, etc). The gloves and shirt also make me think MMA, which is important because he's a goddamn Fighting Gym leader after all.

Overall: 6/10


Aw man, I knew they had to make one worse. The main difference is that he's wearing a hawaiian shirt and sandals, as opposed to the more professional sweater and shoes. Maybe he's on vacation? In his own town? It looks dumb to wear a shirt like that over a jumpsuit, is what I'm saying. Though I give him credit for the flowers having lightning bolt stamens, and his sandals having screws in them, I just don't think it's as strong as his brown-and-yellow outfit from before. Also, his body seems more round than before, possibly because he rolled up his pant legs.

Overall: 6/10


Riddle me this - Flannery is showing even more skin than before, but I don't like it! All of these designs got busier, but I really liked Flannery's simplicity. The combination tied-up-t-shirt-without-arms and sports bra (?) is unnecessary, and while I understand that the thing on her waist is supposed to be like a towel because she owns the Hot Springs, it just looks like that - a towel she is using as a belt because she's poor. I guess it all comes together to give her more of a Japanese Hick theme, than American Punk, but I think the latter is much cooler. er, maybe that should be hotter, since she's a Fire trainer and all?

Overall: 7/10

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