Hoenn Redux Roundup Part 2


I think we all agreed, that Norman was the most generic normal-ass dude of all time. So how can you redesign normality? you... don't, apparently. Now he's wearing japanese sandals wth his tracksuit pants, and has a strange jacket that I can't tell is multilayered or just colored. Like the shoulders and collar, tho. But now he looks distinctive all of a sudden, and we just can't have that. You're the Normal-type gym leader, dammit!!

Overall: 4/10


Speaking of generic, here's someone forgettable that they spruced up in a big way! Adding the cool gloves and boots was a great idea, the wing motif in her design works to make her look like a superhero or something. And is that her hair, or wings on the hat? I still can't tell. They also took out the yellow bands, thus being a rare case of a Gamefreak redesign simplifying the color scheme. Great work.

Overall: 9/10

Tate & Liza

They used to be lazybones, but now they're posing like some Ginyu Force shit. Still both fairly androgynous, still wearing chinese clothes. But I don't like those star buttons. They just look out of place. Cooler pajamas, though, so it evens it out.

Overall: 6/10


Sweet jiminy christmas.

Okay, first off, I am not okay with the cut of this man's pants. But at the same time, I don't think I'd like it reverse and cutting down in the middle, either. Not at that body latitude. Also is that a tiny skin-tight purple tank top you're wearing, Wallace? One that comes down to just about your nipples? and we haven't even mentioned this shimmering scarf, looking like Hatsune Miku up in this bitch.

Wallace, darling, you're fabulous as Frieza. But you're also a goddamn mess. Put the cape back on, please.

Overall: 2/10

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