Malva of the Kalos Elite Four

C. Viper!? Is that you??

Yo, check those pants. Check those goddamn pants. Are you seeing those pants? I'm not imagining the same cutouts on the back and I'm sweating profusely please somebody send help

It's cool that she's an ex-Team Flare member - it makes you think that it really was an influential organization, enough that it had fingers even in the Pokemon League. Like Giovanni and Team Rocket. And you see her throughout the game on the holo caster. I like it when big-name NPCs are integrated into the world like this. Imagine if someone like Bill turned out to be an Elite Four member? it would be bananas.

She's also a downright heel, which is actually sort of rare, most trainers are good sportsmen, but she's just frikking pissed you messed up her organization and then still beat her in the challenge! That's refreshing.

And finally, she dresses in red and black and is from Team Flare and uses Fire types. Listen up, Flint - this is how you do "Fire Elite Four Member".

Overall: 10/10

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