Olympia of Anistar City

I just want everyone to notice that last month, the first month of the year, I already equaled the most active month in all of 2014. Praise me.

Speaking of praise, let's get a little going for this new goddess. The inside of her cape is a frikking nebula galaxy, which is the sort of thing you usually see in final bosses of Kirby games and stuff. Also, her hair - and we can't ignore this - is just batshit crazy. It's doing insane corkscrew twists and turns, looking like she got an entire Mariokart track up there.

Also, I want everyone to once again remember how I beat the drum for a Cosmic type. Which is now somewhat unnecessary with Fairy around, but Olympia here is a good example of why it could still work. To remind those unfamiliar with NAPACE lore - I wanted there to be a Cosmic type for the longest time, since aliens and weird space shit just always got lumped together with "i guess its phsycic lol". Things like Elgyem, Lunatone/Solrock, Metagross, Sigilyph, and others. And now they have a gym leader to champion them.

Any dang ways, Olympia is just on that line between "really cool" and "this is a character from St. Seiya". But since she's running with that whole retro-future-spacey aesthetic, I'mma let it ride.
I confess I have no clue what her badge is supposed to be, or how it relates to space or being Psychic, or anything at all.

Overall: 8/10

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