Siebold of the Kalos Elite Four

Whenever I watch Hell's Kitchen, I wish I could care about anything in my life as much as Ramsay cares about the quality of his food.

When you see the battle portrait, you think he's going to be some badass Kill-la-Kill style mofo, with a stylish high color and cravat and white outlandish suit. Then you see the whole thing, and that doofy apron just kills the entire design.

it hangs there limp and flaccid, like the "before" picture in a Viagra add. it isn't even pleated like the ruffles on his waist and neck. It looks totally out of place.

He's a chef, yeah, but you could have at least made him look cool. Or given him a fun hat. I like the torso and head, but the rest just falls apart as your gaze lowers. Why is he balancing slices of blue cucumber on his shoes? it's just silly.

Overall: 4/10

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