900th post

That last one right under this, marks the 900th post I've made!

that - that is a lot of posts to make!

I'm bringing it up now, because with only a dozen or so Megas left, and then some other business to attend to, I'm probably not gonna hit the big 1000 any time soon. It'll take Gen 7 to break it.
Once I do finish what I have to cover, I'm thinking this blog will just go on a hiatus. I use fancy bold to specify this, because I have plans about another blog I'd like to start to kill time until Gen 7, and to hopefully continue past that. Because obviously, I can be trusted to reliably update two sites with content at a regular pace, yes.

As always, thanks for reading NAPACE. I know I've slowed down like a Shuckle over the past year, but as long as there is breath in my body I will talk shit about Pokemon.

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