Mega Evolution No. 30: Pidgeot

I feel like I should be Scarlet Witch saying "no more birds" instead of "no more mutants"

Okay, yeah, this really didn't need to be a thing. Someone let Pidgeot into the paint, and he gots his feathers all dyed blue on the tips. Also he's started styling his hair like he think he's Gotenks, and that's gotta stop pronto.

Look, Mega Pidgeot, I get that Pidgeot kinda sucks but like, who cares? All you can manage is to look like Braviary's scene-ass cousin. You even have the eyeshadow, and that blue? he's painting his nails. It's worse than I thought, we have a serious case of emo on our hands. Is that still a thing? or did all the emo kids get replaced by hipster kids?

eh, I don't have much to say about this guy, and if I go any further it'll just be inarticulate ranting about middle school, Hot Topic and System of a Down.

Overall: 2/10

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