Mega Evolution no. 33: Mega Sceptile

i swear i will get through this shit if it kills me

Hey, remember Sceptile? He's back, except even busier and more extreme! Though first let me give props where props are due - the little "bite" taken out oh his leaf things is visually interesting, like Bayleef's leaf. Also, his tail looks more threatening, even if it has a straight-up christmas tree at the end of it, complete with a red topper. Oh, and those balls on his back kinda look like ornaments, now that I think of it. Man, with all the red and green, Mega Sceptile is keeping the yuletide in his heart like nobody's business, huh?

But where was I? Oh yeah, the good pats. Foliage on the shoulders is nice. Sceptile should have more of that, and less protrusions-the-same-color-as-my-skin.

so with that out of the way, can we talking about this freaking christmas-ass son of a bitch? he's got stripes, tips, flanges, orbs, it's just so damn much. Oh, and of course his orbs color shift towards the red end of the spectrum, because of course they do.

listen - this is a goddamn mess, but as I noted above there's a few good points, and I'm willing to pretend for everyone's sakes that the christmas connections were totally on purpose. And gaining a Dragon sub-type helps a lot too - it's always bugged me he was the only starter in his gen to not get a fun sub-type before.

Overall: 4/10

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