No. 719: Diancie

Feels strange to write a title like that again.

Kalos was mercifully light on Legendaries, but as we all know, we have to have the little-prancing-fairy archetype, and in this case it is literally a Fairy. So that makes sense, I guess. Hey, and it's Rock/Fairy, any connection to Carbrink, that one random dude who looked like he totally needed an evo?



Well, it looks cute at least. But I'm mad flustered that they took the "crystals emerging from a raw stone" gimmick and used it twice without bothering to connect them, or even mention the other.

It has a Mega Evolution, which is just as overwrought and pointless as you'd expect. What's the goddamn point of a Mega Evolve on  legendary, can't you just GIVE it those good stats and GIVE it the full design? All it's doing is taking up a potential Mega Stone slot on your team. It's a nerf, for crying out loud. I kind of like the look of it as a crystal chandelier, but I'm just pissed about it even existing at all. I thought the whole point was that new Pokemon don't need Megas, because they're already so good?


Overall: 3/10

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