Mega Evolution no. 34: Swampert


Someone's been working out. Swampert was a little goofy-looking before, but since Ruby/Sapphire he hit the gym in a big way. Or maybe it's illegal steroid-style pokeblocks. I mean look at him, each of his arms is the size of Hulk Hogan.

In any case, Mega Swampert is ripped as hell and ready to rumble. Same classic colors, he's just pumped up even more, like when Master Roshi first used the Kamehameha. I like it, simple but gets the job done. It doesn't attempt to reinvent the Pokemon, but looks unmistakeably "improved" at the same time.

Just don't reach too high, Mega Swampert, or they'll slap you down just like they did Lance Armstrong. Juice it and loose it, baby.

Overall: 9/10

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