Mega Evolution no. 35: Sableye

This guy really needed one.

Sableye has kinda shitty stats. Make that really shitty, actually. And Mega Sableye helps him out, by just using Speed as the dump stat, to free up more points for defense. And with zero weaknesses due to typing, that ain't bad at all.

But the thing I'm not sure I like, is that this Mega is just... holding a big gem as a shield. That's all it is. It's not even like a special trait of Sableye, like gem armor or anything, it's just using an item now. Kinda bothers me when Pokemon have items that they use as a part of themselves, and it's actually important. Farfetch'd, I can accept that they just like to carry leeks, you can find those everywhere. Seems like every damn day I'm tripping over some rank-ass leek. Cubone - mother bones have magic juju, it checks out. But shit like this? Or Klefki? I dunno, man.

Overall: 5/10

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