Mega Evolution no. 36: Sharpedo

Sharpedo lookin' like Kurita after he came back from training for the game with Hakuryuu. Alternatively, he looks like Baki after training in the mountains.

Because goddamn did he get jacked up. Like he just lost a fight with a weed whacker. Or maybe he won the fight, because he is looking pretty badass. spikes like a saw-tooth shark on his nose? Hell yeah. Mouth so freaking intensely hungry for flesh he seems to be ripping open at the edges? Hell yeah.

But I really don't like the massive scarring. I know Sharpedo already had a scar, but this time it feels overboard. Especially because it's so regular, it reads more as just busy coloring instead of cool battle wounds.

I've always thought Sharpedo needed a final evolution to become a truly monstrous king of the sea, and Mega Sharpedo is doing a decent job of that.

Overall: 7/10

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