Mega Evolution no. 40: Salamence

they said I could become anything I wanted. So I became a frisbee.

What the greater hell is happening here, exactly. Salamence has always been kinda doofy, but he just kicked it up a notch. His wings are now just a big-ol crescent shape, which by all accounts shouldn't be able to move, which means he has to glide everywhere.

Which is kind of a step down, isn't it? his lil' backpack harness straps there aren't helping this illusion, he looks like he just strapped in for some ziplining. Oh, and I thought he cut off his arms at first, but it turns out he just tucked them in like his hands were cold and he's sticking them under his shirt into his armpits, like we've all done.

But in any case, Mega Salamence looks stupid. Going from a dragon with the power of free flight, to some sort of armless lizard strapped to a moon disc, is not my idea of an upgrade.

Overall: 1/10

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