Mega Evolution no. 41: Metagross

I don't know why I expected anything else from Mega Metagross

Beldum was a single arm. Metang is two of those arms on a body. Metagross is two Metangs stuck together. So, logically, Mega Metagross is two Metagross stuck together, length-wise.

That's right - it's hard to tell from this picture, but he has FOUR MORE ARMS on the back end there. They aren't quite as large, but still. It's ridiculous, but again - could it have been anything else? It's this kind of insane yet consistent logic that I can't help but love. I wish Magnezone has used it, and been a cluster of Magnemite all together, instead of just one dumb flying saucer mofo.

Oh, and Mega Metagross also gets some gold plating on his X and a chin-spike, so he can swag all over everything. As well as ram you like a Trireme. As if he didn't already have enough ways to destroy faces.

I like the idea here, but I'm taking off a point because I'm not sure it's executed quite as well as it could have been. Why not an 8-legged spider monster?

Overall: 9/10

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