Mega Evolution no. 42: Latias/Latios

they look so goddamn like the same person, I would say to them "you want ice cream cone", they would both say yes

Yeah, I can't tell these wonky funks apart, so I'm doing them both at the same time. Red and Blue both go to Purple, makes sense to me.

Anyway, this is another Mega form for a Legendary, which I just disagree with on principle. Legendaries are already overpowered, do they need to get more overpowered-er? Gamefreak thinks so.

The design has some good points, the arms becoming full pods and all. But I think they still ought to have proper wings on their backs, instead of trailing under-side wing-legs danglers. And is it just me, or is the color combination, combined with the way they look like they're wearing diapers, remind you of Mewtwo?

Overall: 3/10

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