Mega Evolution no. 43: Rayquaza

going to ride a bicycle made of nightmares straight up your ass

Rayquaza is one of my favorite legendaries, he's badass as hell. Mega Rayquaza coul have been even cooler, but he screws the pooch in a major way - those tendrils.

They look out of place and completely ruin the silhouette. And they aren't even nice thing curves, one of 'em has hoops in it, and is otherwise smooth, while the top ones are crackly and jaggedy! Show some consistency! And get rid of the crap on the end of your tail, too.

Because with that gone, it's just a Rayquaza with Dragonballs embedded in his side, and a mean-ass mandible piece for cutting down entire forests or something. And then the Seven-Pronged-Sword marking on his eye is badass as well.

A pity I can barely make out all that, thanks to the neon tentacles flapping around all over the place like a 15-year-old at a Nightcore rave.

Overall: 6/10

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