Mega Evolution no. 44: Lopunny

goddamit Gamefreak you know exactly what you're doing, don't you

Of course Gardevoir and Lopunny were gonna get mega evos. I should have guessed.

But while Gardevoir was pretty alright, Lopunny is just a trainwreck of a Pokemon, from head to toe, not a single thing goes right here. What jumps out at me first, is the bizarre intersection of arms and neck at the top of its torso, looking like the kind of anatomy 2nd graders draw. That head is going to snap that neck, and the stick-thin arms look ridiculous compared to the generous thighs.

Oh, and let's talk about those thighs - Lopunny appears to be wearing stockings with "sexy" rips in them! Wonderful! Also it stuck its arms in a pair of giant packing peanuts, but that's another issue.

Wait no, let's also talk about the giant-ass butterfly just on the front of its head like it's trying to teach Kate Winslet how to fly. Or maybe we could talk about how stupid it is that its ears have multiple scrunchies on them, further contributing the image of a sepia-tone 80's jazzercise bunny.

Overall: 1/10

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