Mega Evolution no. 45: Gallade

As any parent knows, you can't give one child a Mega Evolution without their sibling also demanding one.

I think this could be called an improvement. It still has the awkward Amazing World of Gumball hips, an a blue crest for no reason (why not red?), but at least it looks cooler.

Actually making the arm blades out of the red blades that have been established by all previous forms was a good move. And the crest looks more Kinnikuman-esque, so that's neat. Also I dig the split cape, which echoes the style of the feet, and reminds me of Mega Gardevoir's dress flaps.

what's up with the chest gem shrinking, tho? Does that signify anything? What are those things supposed to be, anyway, does the Pokedex ever mention it? I suppose I could look this up, but that sounds too much like work.

Overall: 7/10

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