Mega Evolution no. 46: Audino

Would you like to make a contract?

Awww, look! It's got a little stethoscope! And a cute lil' labcoat! And cute lil' booties!

Mega Audino is almost too cute, for real. It's one of those Megas where I wish it could just be the regular evolution. But also isn't it pretty freaking stupid that they had to give a Mega to something from the 6th gen? like, you couldn't make it good enough already? It's like the most convoluted balance patch ever.

But yeah, I like it. Mega Audino really runs with the "doctor" theme, much more than Blissey or Chansey ever did, who just remained big fluffy eggs. Audio is fluffy and egg-shaped, but as you can see, it has curly tendrils and ears and shit, so obviously it is superior.

Overall: 8/10

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