The Best (and Worst) Electric-Types

Now with facny-pants links, so you can go and check out to see if I'm lying or not!

There aren't many Electric types, but there are plenty of great ones. It was kinda hard to put the top three of this one in order, actually. I love Galvantula and Luxray for being cool and badass, but Joltik is just the cutest thing this side of Chii's Sweet Home. In the end I gave it to Galvotron for having the coolest name.

10. Ampharos
9. Heliolisk
8. Mareep
7. Chinchou
6. Pikachu
5. Elekid
4. Raikou
3. Joltik
2. Luxray
1. Galvantula

You'll notice that about half of this bunch of dim bulbs are just Pikachu knockoffs, like those cheap Chinese shit you find in the Dollar Store. That ain't a He-Man action figure, it only has two points of articulation and he has a gun instead of a sword. And the package says "Legendy Hero's". Where am I going with this? I don't know.

Thunderus is bringing up the rear because while his normal form is awful, his other form is somewhat better. He still averaged out to be bad, of course.

10. Thunderus
9. Magnezone
8. Pichu
7. Magneton
6. Plusle
5. Mega Ampharos
4. Minun
3. Stunfisk
2. Dedenne
1. Mega Manectric

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