The Best (and Worst) Fire-Types

Now this was a pleasure and a pain at the same time. For being one of the cornerstone typings, there's not actually that many Fire Pokemon. And yet there's so many excellent ones. I felt like the owner of the inn in the nativity story, my rooms are so booked with AAA-list celebs that I can't even spare a queen-size for the Son of God himself.

10. Rapidash
9. Houndour
8. Darmanitan
7. Torkoal
6. Entei
5. Magmar
4. Charizard
3. Typhlosion
2. Chandelure
1. Blaziken

And on the flip side, there's not even that many bad ones! So few, in fact, that I felt like I would be reaching into honestly decent Pokemon if I did a full bottom 10. So here's the bottom 5 instead. Reshiram takes home the prize for being the only 1/10 irredeemable turd of the Fire family, while the rest smolder along close behind.

5. Delphox
4. Magmortar
3. Tepig
2. Chimchar
1. Reshiram

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