The Best (and Worst) Grass-Types

I don't think of myself as a big fan of Grass-types, but this top 10 is almost entirely 10/10s. Though again, it's almost entirely dual types, so expect some of these guys to appear again later.

10. Oddish
9. Pumpkaboo
8. Tropius
7. Roserade
6. Shiftry
5. Abomasnow
4. Chikorita
3. Simisage
2. Torterra
1. Cacturne

As for the worthless weeds, it turns out that starting your name with a "ch" is a really good way to get on my shitlist. I don't feel as much hate for these as I do some other Pokemon, it's more like intense apathy. Would the world even notice of Cherubi and Cherrim were wiped from existence?

No. No it would not.

10. Gloom
9. Chesnaught
8. Petlil
7. Paras
6. Skiploom
5. Sceptile
4. Parasect
3. Cherrim
2. Chespin
1. Cherubi

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