The Best (and Worst) Normal-Types

Finally! It's here! The older posts are fully cataloged for easy searching. Which means I can begin the endgame, starting with Normal types.

First off, let me come right out with it - I don't like Normal types. I don't see the point in using a whitebread Pokemon that can't even get Super-Effectives on anyone. Sure, it has STAB Normal moves, but Normal moves are boring af. I'm playing magical digimon rock paper scissors, dammit, I wanna throw some fire or thunder or something.

With that said, my top 10 Normal Types are as follows:

10. Porygon
9. Slaking
8. Snorlax
7. Heliolisk
6. Delcatty
5. Exploud
4. Mega Kangaskhan
3. Skitty
2. Braviary
1. Arceus

However, it's worth noting that out of these, only the top 4 were 10/10s. I'm sure that for some types, the list will be almost all 10's. But we start having to reach into 9s and 8s pretty soon, when you're talking about Normies. And I'm aware that Arceus can be any time, which makes him at the top kind of ironic - part of the reason I think he's so great is that he can freaking stop being Normal-type.

As for a bottom, 10, oooh baby, will this be hard. Because there's just so many to choose from.

10. Pidgey
9. Purrugly
8. Ambipom
7. Linoone
6. Happiny
5. Bidoof
4. Staraptor
3. Unfeazant
2. Azurill
1. Dunsparce

Really, was there ever any doubt? The King of Crap himself reigns supreme at the bottom of every list I can think up. Also, I decided to just let Staraptor and Unfeazant speak for their entire lines, because otherwise I could have filled an entire bottom 10 with normal/flying catastrophes. Also interesting to note - Pidgey, the original "this Pokemon sucks wow", is just hanging on there at 10. It kinda shows what kind of putrid pukes have come out since, that Pidgey doesn't look all that bad now, does it?

haha just kidding Pidgey is still freaking awful

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