The Best (and Worst) Rock-Types

Would it be cliche to say "let's rock and roll!"? What if I said that these pokemon ROCK? Or said we're off to a rocky start? Or what if I drank a glass of eggs then jogged to the top of a stadium? Okay okay, I'll stop.

Let's do Rock Types. A full 50% of this list are Fossils, which are really only Rock as a formality. Turns out I don't much care for the "imma lumpy bumpy piece of rock!" Pokemon.

10. Amaura
9. Magcargo
8. Tyrantrum
7. Regirock
6. Kabuto
5. Kabutops
4. Tyranitar
3. Aggron
2. Gigalith
1. Aurorus

On the other hand, I don't really hate them that much either. The ones that got the worst scores were just offensively ugly, and again had little to do with being "rocky".

10. Diancie
9. Golem
8. Tirtouga
7. Crustle
6. Carbink
5. Bonsly
4. Rhyperior
3. Binacle
2. Barbaracle
1. Mega Aerodactyl

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