The Best (and Worst) Water-Types

There are a ton of Water Pokemon. And one of the biggest failings of the Hoenn region was being full of water, but only filling it with Wingull and Tentacool. If I'd been able to meet these fly homies, I wouldn't have overdosed on repel so much. It's also kinda interesting to go back and see what grades I gave things, I'm surprised that the Gen 1 dudes aren't all higher, but I guess I came into it with the right mindset from the start. If I'd done it in reverse order, you can be sure I'd have inflated all their scores. Squirtle only got 7/10 and he's like my #1 nig, for crying out loud.

Well, I guess he isn't, or else I'd have rated him better. But as a top 10, I really like the look of this.

10. Kaputops
9. Chinchou
8. Gyarados
7. Wooper
6. Poliwhirl
5. Sharpedo
4. Quagsire
3. Kingler
2. Blastoise
1. Starmie

On the flip side, we dive deep and pick up a bunch of crap that should be thrown back in. It starts with the ugly sacks of shit, but then gets deeper and darker with just plain boring and pointless bland fish. The kind that you gotta slather with Tartar sauce to get any kind of flavor. And it reaches the Marianas Trench of Crappy Water-Types with Phione. Bleghch.

10. Alomamola
9. Palpitoad
8. Huntail
7. Mega Slowbro
6. Barbaracle
5. Whiscash
4. Barboach
3. Finneon
2. Feebass
1. Phione

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