The Best (and Worst) Bug-Types

I love Bug-types. I think it's something about how bug-catching is the closest to real-life Pokemon collecting you can get, or maybe just that bugs have badass plates and jaws and horns and spikes and stuff. This was a pleasure to look through, and honestly I feel like numbers 2 through 7 could really go in any order, I love 'em all so much.

10. Genesect
9. Shedinja
8. Mega Beedrill
7. Joltik
6. Scizor
5. Scolipede
4. Pinsir
3. Scyther
2. Galvantula
1. Heracross

But by some cruel trick of fate, there are also a large number of stupid, pointless and ugly Bug-types. Kind of like real life, I suppose. But it seems like I'm generally hot or cold on these guys, either I think they're pretty great, or I can't reach for my flyswatter fast enough. Special points for the bottom three for just being the single WORST evolutionary line ever, not a single redeeming feature about any of its members.

10. Mega Pinsir
9. Scatterbug
8. Crustle
7. Nincada
6. Cascoon
5. Dustox
4. Illumise
3. Burmy
2. Mothim
1. Wormadam

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