The Best (and Worst) Dragon-Types

Dragon is such a weird type. It doesn't have any obvious elemental connections, and exists mainly as a mechanic to make some Pokemon "better" than others. This is especially obvious in the first few gens, where it was almost exclusively the purveyance of the psuedo-legendaries.

10. Gabite
9. Altaria
8. Tyrantrum
7. Zekrom
6. Giratina
5. Dratini
4. Gible
3. Haxorus
2. Dragonair
1. Rayquaza

But really, it turns out I don't like Dragon-types that much. Maybe it's because the games treat them like they're hot shit, but really a lot of them are just over-designed actual shits. Oh, and no, I will NOT apologize for hating Mega Ampharos. It's really really really stupid.

10. Mega Latias/Latios
9. Bagon
8. Shelgon
7. Mega Ampharos
6. Reshiram
5. Dragonite
4. Druddigon
3. Mega Salamence
2. Kyurem
1. Zygarde

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