The Best (and Worst) Fighting-Types

Next to loving, I like fighting best. and next to Bug-Type, I like Fighting-Type best.

So it should come as no surprise to see all these beloved favorites. Which show I think an interesting mix between face-melting badasses, and cool-but-cute 1st stage dudes. And I especially love it when, in the case of Machop, the latter grows up into the former.

10. Mankey
9. Pancham
8. Lucario
7. Pangoro
6. Timburr
5. Machop
4. Blaziken
3. Hitmonlee
2. Heracross
1. Machamp

Such was not the case for poor Conkeldurr, who is basically looking back at his elementary school yearbook and thinking "what happened. I used to be such a cutie... where did it all go wrong...?"

But surprisingly, not a single 1/10 to be seen here. Still enough baddies to fill out the list, though. But most of them could totally work, with a few design tweaks.

10. Mienshao
9. Meditite
8. Gallade
7. Keldeo
6. Scraggy
5. Gurrdurr
4. Mega Heracross
3. Pignite
2. Chesnaught
1. Conkeldurr

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