The Best (and Worst) Flying-Types

NAPACE has been accused of a strong anti-avian bias, and I'm here to say that those rumors are 99% true. There are a few birds I approve of, but most of my favorite Flying-types are the non-feathered variety.

10. Xatu
9. Gligar
8. Vespiqueen
7. Hawlucha
6. Talonflame
5. Gyarados
4. Tropius
3. Rayquaza
2. Braviary
1. Scyther

You know, in a way I'm grateful for all these shitty Normal/Flying types. They're almost always terrible, and give me an excuse to really lay into them. And angry writing is fun writing. So I guess I'll say this - Thank you, Staravia. Thank you for existing, so that I might hate you.

Oh, and like with the Normal-types, I just used one from each evolutionary line, or else the list would just be basic bitch birds. Gotta have room for the other whackjobs to get their shellacking, too.

10. Mega Pinsir
9. Pidgey
8. Mega Salamence
7. Swellow
6. Sigilyph
5. Togetic
4. Mothim
3. Mega Aerodactyl
2. Tranquil
1. Staravia

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