The Best (and Worst) Ice-Types

It's hotter and sweatier than Elvis Presley's armpit where I live, so what better way to cool down than with some chill Ice-Types? I notice that this top 10 is bookended with Pokemon I accuse of looking like those infamous Little Ponies, and I'm not entirely sure I like what that says about me.

10. Lapras
9. Cloyster
8. Mega Abomasnow
7. Walrein
6. Snowver
5. Glalie
4. Weavile
3. Sneasel
2. Abomasnow
1. Aurorus

There aren't that many Ice Types to begin with, and so these are literally all of the "bad" ones. Kyurem is really, really freaking bad, though. Like amazingly awful. Stupendously sucky. Wonderfully whack. But I digress...

10. Delibird
9. Cryogonal
8. Mamoswine
7. Beartic
6. Spheal
5. Mega Glalie
4. Snorunt
3. Jynx
2. Smoochum
1. Kyurem

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