The Best (and Worst) Poison Types

I get to give props to my all-time favorite Pokemon today, so that's always cool! Haunter, you're my bae. Forever and always. The rest of you are cool, too, I guess.

10. Muk
9. Nidorina
8. Nidorino
7. Roserade
6. Nidoking
5. Beedrill
4. Mega Beedrill
3. Gengar
2. Scolipede
1. Haunter

I'd forgotten how aggressively ugly some of these Pokemon were. Poison, as a type, tends towards the ugly, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. The bottom two in particular are just such a mess, I don't even know.

10. Skrelp
9. Skuntank
8. Gloom
7. Dustox
6. Tentacool
5. Trubbish
4. Seviper
3. Gulpin
2. Drapion
1. Garbodor

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