The Best (and Worst) Dark-Type Pokemon

Dark, as a sub-type, is like butter. It makes everything better. I didn't think I would consider it one of my favorite types, and I don't particularly like the Dark elements of it, but it just seems that the sort of Pokemon that gets ascribed a Dark sub-type, just has enough of that edge to be really badass and cool.

10. Krookodile
9. Pangoro
8. Tyranitar
7. Houndour
6. Sableye
5. Weavile
4. Sharpedo
3. Shiftry
2. Sneasel
1. Cacturne

In fact, there's just not that many bad Dark types. I stopped the list at 8, because any more and I'd be dipping into 5/10s and I just don't think that score belongs on a bottom anything.

8. Bisharp
7. Mega Tyranitar
6. Mega Gyarados
5. Spiritomb
4. Mightyena
3. Scraggy
2. Skuntank
1. Drapion

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