The Best (and Worst) Ghost-Type Pokemon

Saving the best for last, it's the ghosts with the most, my favorite type of all. They aren't many, but there amount of quality is super-high. And of course, it ends with my all-time reigning world champion favorite, Haunter, at the big #1 spot.

10. Mega Banette
9. Pumpkaboo
8. Chandelure
7. Aegislash
6. Sableye
5. Duskull
4. Shedinja
3. Gengar
2. Cofagrigus
1. Haunter

And like I said, there's just so few BAD ones. A bottom 5 is pretty much all I can do.

5. Gourgeist
4. Spiritomb
3. Drifloon
2. Doublade
1. Dusknoir

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