The Best (and Worst) Psychic-Types

I'm back! And on the predicted date, too. It's almost as if someone saw the future? someone... with Psychic Powers? (no? no good?) okay sheesh give me a break it's tough trying to come up with puns for every type.

Here's my top 10 psychic Pokemon, a fair amount of them are Legendaries. In fact, some of the few legendaries you'll see on my top 10s.

10. Claydol
9. Victini
8. Mew
7. Gardevoir
6. Abra
5. Reuniclus
4. Deoxys
3. Mewtwo
2. Metagross
1. Starmie

But what is with the Psychic type to produce these inbred rejects. You think they're a decent sort, coming out with Mewtwo and Abra and the sort, but then all of a sudden there's Jynx and Wobbuffet, and then each of them get even worse prevolutions! Just goes to show, I guess.

10. Wobbuffet
9. Bronzor
8. Jynx
7. Wynaut
6. Mespirit
5. Smoochum
4. Mega Slowbro
3. Mime Jr.
2. Sigilyph
1. Uxie

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