The Best (and Worst) Steel-Type

You know, I think somehow I'd forgotten how many Steel-types there are. In my head it's not an oft-used type, but there's really a lot of them these days. And a lot of kickass Pokemon with balls of steel, too.

10. Lucario
9. Escavalier
8. Mega Scizor
7. Genesect
6. Mega Mawile
5. Steelix
4. Aegislash
3. Aggron
2. Scizor
1. Metagross

And surprisingly few crap ones! I mean, those bottom two are absolutely vile, but most of this list are 3/10s. That ain't bad. Makes me think that Steel actually has a great average rating.

10. Klang
9. Magnezone
8. Mega Steelix
7. Doublade
6. Mega Lucario
5. Shieldon
4. Magneton
3. Bronzor
2. Klingklang
1. Klefki

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