New Zygarde forms

I wasn't sure if I should do these yet or not, since they aren't even technically in any game. But I've been biting my tongue for too long, and it's starting to go numb.
Basically, this is some stupid shit. This is the dumb stuff right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is the sort of material you get when you're done scraping the bottom of the barrel, and you actually break through the bottom and start digging into the ground below.

First, it needs to be re-established that base form Zygarde looks like this:
Oh sorry, I meant 50% Zygarde, because this slimy turd thinks he's Toguro or something. Well, you may be 50%, but you'll always be 100% terrible to me, Zygarde. Anyway, I don't understand why we're humoring your dumb ass and giving you all these fucking forms and stuff - Did anybody want this? Any single human being on the face of the planet?

The other thing you will immediately notice is that 50% Zygarde bears little to no resemblance to 10% or 100% Zygarde. He goes from a dog, to a slug, to a gundam. Sure, he tried to maintain this hexagonal Razer-sponsored pattern, but there's no link besides that.

I won't even do them the decency of rating them separately, because they're all equally terrible. The dog is awful because it just looks like a re-coloring of someone else's OC, and the gundam ruins any attempt at a color scheme with red and blue panels, plus just generally looking like a particularly noxious Digimon. It's fucking awful and I want it to go away.

Finally, and those "core" and "cell" designs? I'm not sure what purpose they serve, other than to complete the Digimon link, and have redundant baby and even-more-baby forms of things. They look as if they were drawn on a napkin by someone's little brother, and then imported into MS paint and colored with the paint bucket. The kid who drew this, and the one who drew Druddigon, should get together for a playdate some time.

Oh, and the less said about GreninjAsh, the better. I don't understand, and I don't want to understand.

Overall: 0/100%

ps if they seriously add in fucking fusion dances with your Pokemon as the new gimmick next game I am gonna lose my goddamn mind

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