No. 721: Volcanion

oh shit they officially released this angry red bastard, right?

Well, even if they haven't, I'll still give 'em a review, for old times sakes.

Dr. Donuts here has a unique typing - Fire/Water. It's taken them entirely too long to get around to this concept, and in the end I'm not sure how it fits? I guess he's supposed to get all steamy and shit, but  he just looks like a Fire/Steel or something to me. Fire/Rock, even.

Also, that big ring is actually two extra limbs holding hands at the top - something that does NOT communicate through the single art, which seems to be an increasing trend with Gen 6. Several Pokemon had neat little design quirks that you need to see their fully animated model to appreciate, and while that's cool and all, I kinda think that you really ought to fully understand a Pokemon from just the still alone, y'know?

In any case, it's incredibly silly. Dude got an inner tube stuck into his body. He was in a hula-hoop accident. He's looking like the Christmas ornament I got from my aunt last year, I can picture him hanging on the tree next to that Santa Claus in a Hawaiian skirt and the Papier-mâché Rudolf I made in 3rd grade.

Actually, you know what he really looks like? Some Megaman X boss. Like his name would be Vulcanring Tortoise, or something.

Overall: 3/10

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