Yo-kai no. 65: Cheeksqueek

Gives a true meaning to the phrase "butt-chin".

So this is proper disgusting, first off. Dude has a butt for a face, that's just not remotely anything I wanted to think about today, but here I am. This is the life that I chose.

I hate how his nostrils look like those dimples people sometimes have above their buttcrack, and I hate how he has a clump of brown hair that looks like poo. I mean, I get that you gotta do faithful representations of various yo-kai, but there's gotta be a thousand of those things. So maybe, just... don't do the one with the ass-face?

Oh, and this literal shitstain's shirt says "fart" on it, as if you really couldn't tell his gimmick. GEE TELL ME MORE HOW ABOUT DRAWING HIM FARTING ALL THE TIME SO WE- oh you did that too, just had to add that cloud of toot coming right out of his anus/mouth. Wonderful.

Overall: 1/10

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