Pokemon Valen Edition - 2016

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Updated on- July 25 2016

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Name: Pokemon Holidays Hacks: Valentine's Day- Valen Edition
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Joexv
Status: In bug fix queue; Completed otherwise
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During a time after the adventures of Wooper and the Saffron City curse, and before the great destruction of the Altar Region, a young couple are celebrating the very special day of love. Until an unexpected burst of cowardice bursts upon the young man, causing him to flee and leave the one he loved behind.
20 years later, the man sees his lost love in a mart enjoying life, married....
Distraught the man thought of one thing, fixing the past. So he sets out to build a machine that will allow him to travel back in time and make the girl of his dreams stay with him forever.
Travel the Altar Region as a young Prof. Sades. to reclaim the love you lost.
And to stop the evil forces that want to keep him from his happiness.


  • Short, story-driven game


Joexv, Percy, Light, Neo, Calis Project, Chaotic Cherry, WesleyFG, Locksmitharmy



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