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Name: Pokemon Rocket Science
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: LocksmithArmy
Status: Completed


After your grueling defeat at SILPH CO. your boss, Giovanni, calls you (and all the other scientists that were fired after that failure) in for a meeting at his gym in Viridian City. You are all put under new management and given the task of creating more powerful Pokemon.
While most of your team is in a lab actually creating these "powerful POKEMON" you are tasked with field work. Your new job is to run missions, test experiments and help Team Rocket succeed in their mission.
You may be loaned out to help with other Team Rocket missions. You may get to test out these "powerful Pokemon" before Giovanni gets his hands on them. You will definitely see the damage caused to Team Rocket by a certain young hero.
See Kanto from a whole new perspective. Enjoy the dark side.




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